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Welcome to our online

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We are pleased to bring you many of our hand made products along with local favorites! 

If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us by using the "Contact Me" button or by simply calling us.  We are happy to ship any product to you.

As of now, we will only ship within the United States.  We are currently looking into international shipping.

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Homemade Fruit Cake is Back!!  

Home Made Fruit Cake 

Home made Fruitcake!  12 ounces of pure delicious!  Our Fruit cake is not your normal cake you want to pass around!  This one you will want to eat!


~~Homemade Amish Fruit Spreads~~

 Grape Spread

This spread is made from the MN Bluebell Grape grown near the Mississippi River. This

is our feature spread used in our Restaurant.

16 oz.

Blueberry Spread

Whole Blueberries, sugar, water and pectin make up this wholesome spread.  16 oz.

Raspberry Spread

This is our most popular spread we have!  Made with local Amish raspberries, this wholesome spread is great on everything from toast  to chicken!  12 oz.

                         Rhu-Berry Spread

Fresh picked local strawberries and rhubarb from area gardens make up this sweet with a hint of tart spread!  16 oz.

Strawberry Spread

Fresh picked local strawberries, sugar, pectin and water make up this wholesome sweet spread!  A favorite among many patrons! 16 oz.

Blackberry Spread

Fresh picked Blackberries from our Amish neighbors help this spread become a favorite for many!  Of course, the simple ingredients lend a hand to its wholesome flavor.  16 oz.

                             Peach Spread                        

Made with peach slices, sugar, water and pectin.  The good ol'fashioned way to simple goodness!  Great when added as a glaze on baked ham.

Amish Ovens Spreads

~~Handmade Candy~~


Handmade clusters of Ambrosia dark chocolate, caramel and pecans make these the perfect "pick me up"! 

Peanut Clusters

These handmade goodies are made with salted peanuts drenched in Ambrosia dark chocolate!

Cashew Crunch

This is an Amish favorite!  Cashews, butter, and sugar make up this tasty treat.

Chocolate Cashew Crunch

Our favorite cashew crunch candy dipped in thick Ambrosia chocolate!  Everything is better with chocolate!  

     Almond Clusters

Salty Almonds smothered in Ambrosia White Chocolate!  A salty and sweet treat all in one!!

Assorted Candy

A mix of all the candy!  You can't go wrong with this choice!

Candy Options


Apple Crunch Bread

This sweet bread has swirls of cinnamon and apple chunks throughout.  It is topped with streusel and a layer of sweet honey glaze.  This makes wonderful toast and french toast!  Served in our restaurant as Apple Crunch French toast!


Dark Rye Bread

This moist, rich, seedless bread makes wonderful toast and sandwiches!  A favorite on our Reuben special in the restaurant!



English Muffin Bread

This bread makes fabulous toast and

grilled cheese sandwiches!

$ 4.49


Farmstyle White Bread

This is a basic, soft, white bread that is great for almost anything you want to put on it!





                      Wheatberry Bread

A wholesome wheat bread with the crunch of the wheat berry seed.  Popular sandwich bread or toast at our restaurant!  



Cheese Bread

This bread is a favorite to make sandwiches, garlic bread, and garlic toast!  A cheddar swirled bread with a hint of onion make this bread interesting and unique!  

Available with or without Jalapeno's.   

SEASONAL ONLY!  PLEASE CALL FOR AVAILABILITY!  507-932-5907                         

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~~More Food Products~~

Amish Wedding Jarred Products
Amish Wedding Jarred Products
Amish Wedding Syrup 12 oz
Amish Wedding "No Granulated Sugar" Jam- 16 oz

Gourmet Coffee

Our amazing coffee now comes in some of

our favorite flavors!  Available in 12 oz

packages of GROUND OR WHOLE BEAN!!!

$ 10.99 each

In-House Coffee:  Columbian

In-House Decaf:  Roaster's Choice

Others:  Scandinavian, Hazelnut, and Highlander Grog

A local Minnesota Company!  Albert Lea, MN       
Select One

Bootleg Bloody Mary Mix

Bootleg BBQ Sauce

Bootleg Burnin' BBQ Sauce

Bootleg Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce

A local Minnesota Company! 

Kellogg, MN
Bootleg BBQ Sauce-Choose One
Bootleg Bloody Mary Mix

Ole & Lena

Habanero Hot Sauce

Uffda its tasty!

You betcha!

Ole & Lena Habanero Hot Sauce

Pure Minnesota Cultivated A Grade Wild Rice

Net Wt. 16 oz

MN Wild Rice Grade A

~~Minnesota Branded Items~~

Minnesota Bars        

MN Cowboy Bar:  A rich blend of Milk Chocolate,

Toffee, and Slivered Almonds

MN S'mores Bar:  A rich blend of Milk Chocolate,

Graham Cracker, and Marshmellows

                     $ 4.49 Each

Choose Selection

Minnesota Wine Bars**

MN Chardonnay Wine Bar: Rich White Chocolate

and Chardonnay flavoring!!

MN Wild Huckleberry Merlot Bar:  Rich Dark

Chocolate and Merlot flavoring!!

MN Cabernet Bar:  Rich Dark Chocolate with

Cabernet flavoring!!

                     $ 4.49 Each

** Does not contain Alcohol 

Choose Selection

Minnesota Liquor Bars**

MN Rum Bar:  Rich Dark Chocolate with Rum


MN Bourbon Bar:  Rich Dark Chocolate with

Bourbon flavoring!!

                        $ 4.49 Each

** Does not contain Alcohol

Choose Selection

~~Ol' Fashioned Candies~~

Pearsons Nut Goodies
Sea Salt / Caramel-One Nut Goodie per pack
6 wrapped packs for $ 7.14

Twin Bing Bars!! 

Each pack has 2 bars per wrapper.

6 wrapped packs for  $ 7.14

Pearson's Nut Goodies
The "Original" Nut Goodie-One Nut Goodie per pack
6 wrapped packs for $ 7.14
Ol' Time Candy-Choose One

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