Amish Market Square

~Restaurant~Bakery~Gifts~and more~

MN-I90 Exit 233

A Little Bit Country........

Facts about our plaza

Amish Market Square, Inc. is located on Interstate 90 Exit 233 in

St. Charles, MN.  Our atmosphere, although tagged as a "gas 

station", is very MN country

It is a quiet and quaint little stop for those who want to stretch their

legs or just take a breather from the road and enjoy some country 

cooking, gifts and views. 

We have a variety of bakery items and a full menu in our restaurant

which is open from 6am-8pm on the lower level.


If you missed our restaurant hours, our convience store and the gift 

store is open 24 hours a day.  We offer a variety of fresh hot and cold

meals from the restaurant and bakery. 

We have a medium sized lot for our truckers and for those who need

to rest.  We also offer free WI-FI.

Frequent Questions

Q: Is this store owned and operated by the Amish?

A:  No.  We deal with the local Amish communities to help them

with marketing their goods.  We have been actively involved

with the surround Amish community for over 20 years

Whatever we can not get locally, then we outsource to other 

Amish communities.

Q:  Is everything in the facility made by the Amish?

A:  Not everything.  We have a variety of products that are 

Amish made.  We use Amish grown vegetables and fruits in our 

restaurant and bakery products. 

Q:  Are the quilts you have on display really Amish made quilts?

A:  Yes!  We literally go to houses and purchase these

 quilts.  If you look closely you can see how they use a

 pencil to make their pattern.  All our quilts are Amish



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